School of Music
Bachelor of Music major in Music Education
Bachelor of Music major in Music Performance
Bachelor of Music major in Philippine Music
Bachelor of Music major in Popular Music
Master of Arts major in Ethnomusicology
Master of Arts in Music Education
Master of Music major in Music Education with emphasis in Choral Conducting
Master of Arts major in Music Education with emphasis in Kodály Approach
Master of Music major in Music Education with emphasis in Music Performance
Master of Music major in Music Performance
Master of Music major in Piano Pedagogy
Doctor of Philosophy in Music major in Ethnomusicology
Doctor of Philosophy in Music major in Music Performance
Music Teacher’s Certificate
Music Teacher’s Diploma

The PWU School of Music offers degree programs in the Bachelor, Masteral, and Ph.D. levels. The Bachelor of Music focuses on four major areas namely Music Performance, Music Education, Popular Music, and Philippine Music.

The Masteral program offers Music Performance, Music Education, Piano Pedagogy and Ethnomusicology while the Ph.D. program specializes in Music Performance and Ethnomusicology.

The PWU School of Music is a CHED Center of Excellence in instruction and research. It also provides extension services and has established links with other academic and cultural institutions such as the International Council of Traditional Music (ICTM), Southeast Asian Directors of Music (SEADOM), Kodaly Society of the Philippines, and the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth (OFY). The PWU School of Music has produced a National Artist for Music - Dr. Lucrecia R. Kasilag.

Career Opportunities for music are as classical music artist, teacher, band musician, vocalist, cultural worker & researcher, music transcriber, music technologist, music arranger/composer, talent manager, music studio administrator, and music event organizer.


The teaching of Music at the Philippine Women’s University System began in 1925, a few years, six years to be exact, after the founding of the University. In 1938, the Department of Music was organized and operated until the outbreak of World War II. From 1943-1944, the Philippine Conservatory of Music which was founded by the late Dean Felicing Tirona existed as an affiliate school of PWU. Enrollment was open to both men and women.

In 1947, the School of Music and Fine Arts was opened with a Voice Clinic the only service of its kind in the country. Since then, it has achieved distinction both here and abroad. Its graduates have become artists, performers and educators.

The School of Music, through its faculty, students and alumni, is committed to bring the blessings of music to the community and the world. It instills in the minds of its students the belief that music in all its styles and manifestations – needs to be shared and preserved. Through the many professional global exchanges and performances, the College hopes to bring to the attention of the world the truly Filipino musical expressions while intently claiming the Philippines’ rightful place in the “symphony of nations”.


Dean Richelle dR. Rivera


Since 1919, the PWU has made a historical mark in the academic industry. It is known for its graduates who actively participated and contributed through quality service. Many of them have gained recognition and honor in their professions here and abroad.

Do come and visit us and let us help you realize your goals. We have highly competent and committed faculty, complete laboratory facilities and local and international affiliates that will ensure intensive and hands-on training for the students. In the classrooms and laboratories, learning is closely supervised to ensure that students learn the necessary knowledge and skills, and develop positive professional attitudes and values.

Welcome to the PWU family!

  • Rivera, Richelle - Piano & Piano Pedagogy
  • Dr. Agcaoili, Angelito – Guitar
  • Borela, Christopher - Music Theory, Choral Conducting & Voice / Director, PWU Vocal Ensemble
  • Capitan, Amiel Kim
  • Cariño, Benchito - Guitar / Guitar Coordinator/Director, PWU Guitar Ensemble
  • Dr. Galang, Abelardo II - Piano & Musicology / Piano Program Coordinator
  • Jimenez, Earl Clarence - Musicology & Ethnomusicology
  • Montano, Lilymae - Musicology & Ethnomusicology / Curator, Museum of Musical Instruments / Director, Gongs of PWU
  • Romulo, Celeste - Music Education
  • Valdez, Jose - Guitar
  • Dela Peret, Benedicto
  • Giron, Gomer - Percussion
  • Huang, Denise
  • Inacay, Anjo
  • Rodis, Crystal Mila Rose - Flute