The PWU-JASMS Senior High School

Students have a choice of CAREER TRACKS offered in PWU-JASMS Senior High School:


  • Accounting, Business, Management (ABM) Strand
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • General Academic Strand (GAS)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)


  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Home Economics:
    • Bread and Pastry Production
    • Cookery
    • Food and Beverage Service
    • Tourism/Promotion Services


  • Visual & Media Arts
  • Dance
  • Music

PWU-JASMS Senior High School students can do advanced studies to prepare them for college. Since PWU is on a trimestral school year, Senior High School graduates continuing on at PWU may be able to complete their college degrees in 3 years instead of 4 (representing considerable savings in tuition fee and other expenses). PWU offers generous scholarship to deserving students as part of the university’s continuing commitment to academic excellence and community service.

Philippine Women’s University offers the following programs:

  • Arts and Sciences - gives students theoretical and practical skills as well as training for careers in media, corporate communications, guidance and the flexibility to adjust to changing environments.

  • Business (CBIBE) - leads to business and corporate careers as well as the evolving field of information technology

  • Education - leads to careers as teachers, researchers, consultants, and school adminstrators

  • Fine Arts & Design - leads to careers as artists, designers, advertisers, educators, film makers, curators

  • Food Science and Technology - leads to careers in food manufacturing, research, training, as well as success in the food industry

  • Helena Z Benitez International Relations and Diplomacy - leads to careers in foreign service, international institutions, development assistance and civil service

  • Hospitality Management - leads to careers in hotels and restaurants, travel, shipping, events management

  • Medical Technology - leads to high-demands job in laboratories and hospitals here and abroad

  • Music - leads to careers in the music industry as performers, teachers, researchers

  • Nursing - be a nurse, instructor, professor, researcher, government health worker, health entrepreneur

  • Nutrition and Dietetics - leads to careers in the food industry, hospitals, government, research, sports

  • Pharmacy - be a registered pharmacist and work in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry

  • Social Work - leads to jobs in local government and non-government units, schools courts, hospitals, and companies (with corporate social responsibility program)

  • Tourism - leads to careers in the tourism industry, travel industry, hotels and restaurants

PWU has partnerships with the following institutions:

    • City of Dreams
    • Hyatt
    • Century Park
    • Dusit Thani
    • Heritage
    • InterCon
    • Manila Pavillon
    • Pan Pacific
    • Shangri-La
    • Sofitel
    • Peninsula
    • Tony Roma’s
    • Italianni’s
    • Max’s
    • Department of Foreign Affairs
    • Philippine National Police
    • Armed Forces of the Philippines
    • Makati Medical Center
    • East Avenue Medical Center
    • Manila Adventist Medical Center
    • Rizal Medical Center
    • Mandaluyong Medical Center
    • Seaman’s Hospital
    • National Center of Mental Health
    • Philippine Orthopedic Medical Center
    • University of Hawaii
    • Okinawa Christian University

Admission Requirements for Senior High School

  • PWU-JASMS High School Entrance Exam
  • Interview
  • Copy of PSA Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Junior High School Completion/Junior High School Report Card
  • 2 pcs 1x1 ID picture
  • Certificate of Good Moral character
  • QVR Certificate (Qualified Voucher Applicants Only)

Please see Admission Requirements, Procedure, and Online Application through Admissions web page

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