Pre-Qualified Edward and Eva Lara Underwood Scholars for AY 2018-2019

Posted: November 7, 2017

The PWU Scholarship Office is pleased to announce the pre-qualified Edward and Eva Lara Underwood Scholars for AY 2018-2019. They have successfully passed the initial process of entrance examination, personal interview and an ocular visit of their houses.

Qualified Scholars will depend on the final output of the Edward and Eva Lara Underwood Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

List of pre-qualified scholars:

Grade 11 (Senior High School)

  1. ACORDA, Reggie Noreen S. (Arts & Design)
  2. ALVAREZ, Rhea A. (HUMMS)
  3. AMORA, Prince Lloyd C. (ABM)
  4. BUENVIAJE, Canderella P. (ABM)
  5. CORTEZ, Benjamin I. (STEM)
  6. DELA PEÑA, Sheila T. (STEM)
  7. DELA ROSA, Ralph Benedict T. (Arts & Design)
  8. ESPINO, Christine C. (ABM)
  9. JOSE, Prinz Aldwin (ABM)
  10. LANGRES, Mary Joy V.
  11. NOVAL, Trixie L. (STEM)
  12. PASION, Jeremy Ashly A. (Arts & Design)
  13. POLINTAN, Jeslee R.
  14. PRECONES, John Ulysses C. (Arts & Design)
  15. RODRIGUEZ, Ricci Ann M. (ABM)
  16. TAPIA, Julia C. (STEM)


  1. ARCENAL, Trisha P. (BS Accountancy)
  2. AVELLANO, Kaye B. (AB Psychology)
  3. BACAR, Manilyn A. (BS Accountancy)
  4. BALATAYO, Angelica (AB Psychology)
  5. BARBADO, Leemer (BF Viscom)
  6. BURANDAY, Jessica (BSED)
  7. CAPONPON, Daniella L. (BSMT)
  8. CUEVAS, Mark Edcel D. (BSFT)
  9. DAPITAN, Mary Eunice V. (Foreign Service)
  10. DATUGAN, Precious Eve I. (AB Psychology)
  11. DE GUZMAN, Phillina Beatrix S. (BSMT)
  12. DOMINIA, Syanen Marie (BSMT)
  13. ESTANISLAO, Jessie James (BSMT)
  14. FERNANDO, Kimberly (BS Accountancy)
  15. GALLETO, Michelle R. (BS Accountancy)
  16. MARCOS, Marlon (Fine Arts)
  17. MENDAROS, Angelica L. (BSMT)
  18. VALDEZ, Jenyfer F. (BEED)
  19. VALDEZ, Rica T. (BS Accountancy)
  20. VILLACARLOS, Gwyneth Zoe J. (BS Accountancy)
  21. WILLIAM, Saint Mikhaiella N. (BS Pharmacy)

The above pre-qualified scholars have already been oriented and final submission of documents will be on November 28, 2017.

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