Welcome Message of Provost Rina S. Filart

Mrs. Filart is SVP/Provost and OIC while Dr. Francisco Benitez is out of the country.
She delivered this address during the Freshman Orientation on June 22, 2015.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to PWU! I thank you and your parents for trusting us to prepare you well for your future - whatever dreams you may have for your future.

You are now a college student! Has that sunk in yet? College is a big step from high school as you will soon find out. No excuse slips needed when you skip class - you are now expected to manage your time yourself. Classes will be taught differently and during your breaks you will be mingling with students that are enrolled in a different program and it will be an opportunity for you to expand your perspective, your view of things.

Although I graduated from college too many years ago, my college days are still very vivid in my mind. Yes there was a lot of pressure as we had to make sure we passed our subjects even though no one was asking for excuse slips and checking our homework everyday. Pressure because we were in the last stage of preparing for what we thought we would be doing the rest of your life. But it was also fun as it was a time of getting to know others who were pursuing other interests and it was also a time of making lifetime friends. Friends who will walk with you in this journey called life. My college friends and I (we were a barkada of 19) just celebrated 50 years of friendship by going to Bangkok and spending one week together - without our husbands.

Three years will go by so quickly so make the most of your time while you are here. Spend your time wisely by studying hard. Someone worked hard to send you to school so honor that person and show that you are grateful by getting good grades. Make friends but choose your friends well. Choose friends that will encourage you to be the best - not the ones that will bring you down and get you into trouble. Stay away from those. Get involved in extra curricular activities that will help you to develop your skills and your personality. Develop right values as that will be your moral compass for the rest of your life. There are bible studies that you can join to help you stay on the right path despite all the temptations that will come your way.

The education legacy of PWU spans 96 years to date. In the 96 years of its existence, PWU has prepared its graduates to not only be excellent in their chosen profession but to also be good citizens that will conduct themselves with integrity at all times.

I want to share what Drew Cajandaba, Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts major and recipient of Magna Cum Laude honors, shared in her valedictory address that affirmed what PWU continues to stand for. “PWU is now going through its own struggles, but that is not new. It has seen wars and civil strife, survived through the country’s darkest days. It has been bombed, stoned, and shot at but it remains to be the Philippine Women’s University its founders envisioned it to be - providing not simply an education, but an education with purpose and substance”. Like many before her, she ended by thanking the institution which has served as her home for the past three years: “[everyday] I come back to the Philippine Women’s University not seeking an education, but preparing myself for life. And I thank PWU for teaching me [how] to live”.

It is my hope that you too will experience what Drew Cajandab experienced in the three years that she studied here. PWU prepares you not only for your career - we prepare you for life.

The next three years are very important years of your life as you prepare for your future. Make the most of it. Do yourself a favor and be the best that you can be. Let your parents know that their hard work was not for nothing.

Welcome to PWU. God bless you - God bless us all!

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