Psychologist/Psychometrician Board Passers

Office of the President Memo #042 – SY 2019-2020
November 8, 2019

We would like to congratulate the following graduates who passed the October 2019 licensure examination.


  1. ALAMIL, Xyrille Annriette P.
  2. WILSON, Loregem V.


  1. ARCEO, Beverly L.
  2. AYSON, Ana Teresa A.
  3. BLANDO, Rouanne Marie J.
  4. DUARTE, Almira S.
  5. GARON, Abegail Joy G.
  6. LAGMAY, Lloyd Ryan T.
  7. MALLARE, Shaina Joyce P.
  8. QUINTO, Liberty J.
  9. REFRUTO, Renaliza J.

We acknowledge the Dean, Program Chair, faculty and staff of the School of Arts and Sciences for helping the successful board passers prepare for the examination.


Marco Alfredo M. Benitez

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