About Us

The Philippine Women’s University or PWU is a non-stock, not-for-profit, non-sectarian educational institution duly existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

The University will mark its centennial in Academic year 2019-2020. It is in the top tier of the Philippine educational hierarchy with Autonomous Status conferred by the Commission on Higher Education in 2008.

The University’s core values are fostered through a curriculum centered on holistic character formation, the preservation of cultural and national heritage, family solidarity, ethical professionalism and service to the country.


On June 9, 1919, what would eventually be PWU opened its first classes as the Philippine Women's College. The vision of seven far sighted Filipino women - Clara Aragon, Concepcion Aragon, Francisca Tirona Benitez, Paz Marquez Benitez, Carolina Ocampo Palma, Mercedes Rivera and Socorro Maraquez Zaballero - the nascent university had an initial enrollment of 190 students. The goal was to prepare young Filipino women for a life of service and leadership. In 1932, thirteen years after opening, the college won university status, becoming known henceforth as the Philippine Women's University and thus the first university for women in Asia founded by Asians. Following evolving trends PWU started admitting male students in the 1970s and is now fully co-educational. The University is moving toward its centenary in 2020. It has coped with many vicissitudes, including being burned and razed to the ground during the battle for the liberation of Manila in 1945. But phoenix-like, PWU rose from the ashes, grew and flourished even more vigorous, innovative and determined to continue serving the youth of the land.

Historically, the university is credited with a number of firsts and pioneering innovations.

Among them:

  • · Organization of the Student Council, the first such council in a Philippine private school, in 1922.
  • · Pharmacy in 1924.
  • · Business Administration as a private school, four-year course in 1926.
  • · Home Economics as a bachelors' degree course in a private school in 1928.
  • · The Graduate School in 1931
  • · Social and Civic training in 1938 evolving into the MSCED (Moral, Social and Civic Education) course required at all levels in all courses and disciplines as a hallmark of PWU education.
  • · The College of Music and Fine Arts in 1947.
  • · The Institute of Human Relations and the Family Life Workshop of the Philippines in 1948.
  • · The Community College, first late afternoon and evening school for working women, in 1949.
  • · The Philippine School of Social Work in 1950.
  • · Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1952.

Four-fold Objective

A University that develops individuals through excellence in teaching, dynamic and relevant research, and responsive service supported by evolving technology for global competence.

An enduring commitment to prepare the learner to continuously search for knowledge through a holistic education which treasures heritage and is imbued with the core values of personal integrity and spirituality, family solidarity and community participation.

  • · Holistic development of personality & moral character
  • · Preparation for the vocational, career and profession
  • · Training for home and family life
  • · Training for community participation and leadership


Lyrics: Ambassador Jose E. Romero
Music: M. Velez


Let others sing their praises of their Alma Maters fair,
Let them ponder on the graces of their College great and rare
But my heart beats true forever for the College I love best
I shall cease to treasure never mem’ries of her in my breast, in my breast...


Loyal may we ever be, may we learn her lessons right
Proud may we ever be of the Philippine Women’s University


Other hues thrill other bosoms red, blue, gray in other’s sight
Are the fairest tints of blossoms, but for me Maroon and White
Wherever we may wander, and wherever we may roam
On its message let us ponder, Love of country, God and home


Loyal may we ever be, may we learn her lessons right
Proud may we ever be of the Philippine Women’s University


Philippine Women’s University

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Composed for the PWU
By Rodolfo Cornejo


As we come marching down the pathway
Singing, cheering,
Deep in our hearts we feel the parting
From our Alma Mater,

Oh! Philippine Women’s ‘U’
We come to salute you today.

You’re the dearest Alma Mater,
Fairest Alma Mater,
We are very proud of you.
Oh! Philippine Women’s ‘U’

Before we should bid fare-thee-well
We will say ’midst tears and laughter

That we will forever
Cherish all the days spent with you.

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