Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (ETEEAP)
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management with Specialization in Hotel and Restaurant Management
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management with Specialization in Culinary Management
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management with Specialization in Cruise Ship Operations Management
Master of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
Master of Science in Culinary Arts

Master of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

The program hones the students’ skills producing higher competence in the management of Hotels, Food and Beverage establishments as well as other related enterprises. The program also prepares the students to become good educators for faculty and leadership positions in schools offering courses in hospitality.

With subjects such as Advance Hospitality Perspectives, Food Service Systems, Strategic Management, Human Resource and Marketing Management, Advanced Nutrition, Advanced Menu Management and Event Management; graduates of this program will have a higher grasp of how systems management works in hospitality organizations making them potential industry leaders.

Master of Science in Culinary Arts

The Master of Science in Culinary Arts is a very timely program in the Philippines today since recent years have seen the surge of many culinary schools offering short term or baccalaureate degrees. There is a continuing scarcity of qualified faculty to teach in culinary schools. They must comply with the mandate of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) requiring all higher education institutions (HEI) to align faculty with the appropriate master’s degrees. This situation has made the offering of the Culinary Arts program at PWU very relevant and strategic in meeting both the needs of the HEIs and professionals already teaching or who plan to teach culinary courses.

The program offers Research and Statistics courses which are necessary for those who aim to make Education their profession. There are diverse and advanced culinary courses included in the program making the graduates more qualified and competitive among peers in the culinary field of specialization both in the industry as well as in education and training.

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Core comprise the General Education (GE) courses prescribed by CHED including much needed environment sustainability and food safety courses. The core management courses which include, accounting, basic Management and Marketing, Finance, Human Relations, Business Communications, the HM subjects in Rooms Division, Tourism, Materials Management, Food and Beverage Bar Management, Food and Beverage courses, Entrepreneurship, Facilities Design, Legal Aspects and the Professional courses under each specialization. Teaching learning methods hone competencies both for local and overseas employment. Language courses further propel the graduates in a market driven, customer service oriented global hospitality industry. All the specializations are replete with “hands-on” experiences in the school laboratories, field work and on the job training with prestigious industry partners. Careers for the graduates are diverse and fill the manpower needs of establishments or institutions concerned with rendering accommodation and food services to people away from home. Graduates can fill up much needed requirements for faculty in the many schools offering hotel and restaurant or related programs, likewise for entrepreneurship of related business because of their strong management/business courses.

BSHM - Hotel and Restaurant Management Specialization enables graduates to use the technical skills of HM, and together with the management competencies, develop their abilities for critical thinking, decision making, initiating innovative strategies in the management of hotels and restaurants. New courses are in Fast Food Operations, Accommodations Management, and Legal Aspects in HM. Career paths start from staff to supervisorial, middle management to managerial positions in hotels, restaurants, bars, other food services, resorts, holiday centres,fast food enterprises, industrial, educational, hospital and health care services as well as all types of transport catering.

BSHM - Culinary Management Specialization equips the graduates with the culinary knowledge and skills in the traditional culinary discipline plus the competence in the management or business subjects. The new culinary curriculum has recently been evaluated and revised to add subjects like Gastronomy, Filipino Innovative Cuisine, French Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Trendy Cuisine for a more global and trendy flair. Graduates are sought after as executive chefs and specialty chefs in hotels, restaurants and food services, and celebrity chefs or culinary writers.

BSHM - Cruise Line Operations Management Specialization (a newly revised curriculum) is designed to prepare adventurous and sturdy students for a successful career in the exciting world of cruise liners. Aside from the HM skills in front office, food and beverage, communications, customer service, technology skills, the new curriculum develops the professional requirements of knowing the nature of cruise ship operations, work in a multicultural environment, wider issues on personnel, organizational behaviour, security, safety and crisis management as well as cruise ship destinations and marketing. OJT onboard ship caps the training enabling the student to discover how operations are conducted on board the ship and grounds the students on the reality aspects of the job as well as motivate him further on the cruise ship profession. Career opportunities offer the same positions as the other HM specializations.

Aligned with the legacy of PWU, all the specializations are implemented in an environment of training for social sensitivity, ethical professionalism and a deliberate advocacy for cultural heritage and the county.


The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management finds its roots in the establishment of the Philippine School of Nutrition and Food Science and Technology known as the PINFST with Dr. Ignacio S. Pablo as the Director. PINFST included three professional baccalaureate programs, the BS in Foods and Nutrition, BS Food Science and Technology and BS in Institutional Food Administration. The latter became the springboard for the present School of Hospitality Management (SHM) with its own specializations in Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM), Culinary Management (CM) and Cruise Lines Operations Management (CLOM) in response to the increasing demand for professionals in the industry. It was given Department of Education and Sports (DECS) recognition on 1981, Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) Level 1 progressing to Level II accreditation.

True to its original mission of responding to the needs of not only the industry but other stakeholders, the SHM programs have responded to new challenges, aligning with the country’s educational reforms of enabling the youth to acquire lifelong learning and ensuring that graduates have the necessary competencies to work amidst the continuous challenges of the workplace brought about by society’s needs today, globalization and technology. It has since imbedded ladderized course offerings to allow exit points where students can work and come back for more studies. At present the program is instituting changes for further quality assurance by adopting the outcomes based approach to education mandated by CHED.

The program has produced approximate 7,000 graduates that have significantly filled up the manpower requirements of industries related to commercial hotels and restaurants as well as institutional accommodations and food services in the broader sectors of society.


Dr. Wilfredo Bejar

PWU dates back to June, 1919, the first university for women in Asia and one of the most prestigious university in its class. Today the School of Hospitality Management (SHM), faithful to its name we extend our hospitality to every student: a friendly and caring environment, multi gender and multi cultural for time tested education and training in the area management for the hotel, restaurant, culinary and cruise industry. The SHM is committed to produce multi level professionals, leaders, managers and middle supervisors, as well as entry level positions in a presently expanding and diverse hotel and restaurant industry. Imbued with value laden environment, students develop responsibility for knowledge generation and a service orientation sensitive to the needs of our society. Join us, as we go through the ladder of learning, exploring the strategies of acquiring them, and being assured of quality in anticipation for ASEAN and global competitiveness.


Dr. Catral, Ma. Lourdes D.

Dr. Bejar, Wilfredo

Cagadoc, Mabel Liza J.

Meneses, Robin

Nening, Armand

Santos, Mary Grace M.

Soliman, Josephine M.

Villanueva, Myrna

Dr. Zacarias, Ma. Erlinda S.


DR. MA. LOURDES D. CATRAL is the Dean of the School of Hospitality Management (formerly Hotel and Restaurant Management) at PWU. She was past Dean, College of Home Economics, University of the Philippines and is an expert in research and evaluation, administration of academic programs and curriculum development. She has conducted research studies on environment management for hotels and restaurants, food product development, management competency, food and culture, healthy alternatives to fastfoods, competency based education, food safety and sanitation. Dr. Catral has published and is a peer reviewer in local and international journals and is a quality assessor of HRM and Tourism programs for the Commission on Higher Education. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Foods & Nutrition, her Master of Science in Foods & Nutrition (Major in Food Service Administration) and her Ph.D. in Education, Major in Research and Evaluation with cognates on Curriculum Development from the University of the Philippines.

DR. WILFREDO BEJAR teaches major courses in baking, pastry, entrepreneurship and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). He is a professional baking lecturer and demonstrator in various TV programs. Dr. Behar obtained his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (major in Industrial Arts) from the Technological University of the Philippines and his Master of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He holds a Doctor of Business Management degree from PWU.

MABEL LIZA J. CAGADOC teaches all major courses in Hospitality Management and coordinates on the job training of PWU students in local hotels and restaurants. She is the recipient of many awards in food and beverage competitions: Bronze Award, participant in the 2013 Philippine Culinary Cup and the Gold Award - Table Setting Competition, where she was the Head Coach. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics degree from PWU where she also obtained her Master in Business Administration degree. She holds professional licenses from the Philippines and Austria and is conversant in the German language. She did post graduate courses in Dietetics Counseling in Vienna, Austria.

ROBIN MENESES has had extensive experience in the culinary discipline starting from being Line Chef to Specialization Chef and Sous Chef in various food establishments. He has been a participant as well as coach and adviser at culinary competitions, both national and international and his teams have won gold, bronze and meritorious awards. He teaches undergraduate and graduate programs on various hotel and restaurant subjects ranging from food sanitation, food styling, butchery, food and beverage math, and the tourism and hospitality industry. He completed his Bachelor of Science and his Master of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at PWU.

ARMANDO NENING teaches culinary courses at PWU and is a consistent awardee both as a participant and as a coach in various national culinary competitions: Silver Award for “Filipino Cuisine, Philippine Culinary Cup 2014”; First Prize, “Magnolia Cook Off Challenge” (2014); Grand Prize Winner “Chicken Empanada 2014”; Grand Prize Winner “Go Green! Go Veggie!” (2014) and more. He graduated from PWU with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management degree and is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration from the Eulogio Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology.

FRANCIS ALVIN ROSALDA is the faculty expert in cakes, pastries and sugar artistry. He has served as a resource speaker, workshop facilitator and guest chef in workshops and TV programs. He has been the winning coach/advisor for students entering competitions such as: “Asian Food Expo Cake Decorating Competition 2014” (First Place) and “Universal Robina Flourish 2013.” He completed his Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management from PWU and did his international practicum at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. He obtained his Masters in Hotel and Restaurant Management from PWU.

HERMINIA V. ROSAURO has wide industry experience in dietetics and food service in both government and private institutions in the Philippines, Canada and the USA. She was employed in teaching, research and clinical work at Vanderbilt University Center and Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. She was Director of Nutrition and Food Services at publicly funded and accredited hospitals in Ontario, Canada and was involved in assessing and accrediting teaching hospitals for the Ontario Dietetic Association. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutrition from Centro Escolar University and did nutrition research at the University of Tennessee in the USA. She did her post graduate internship program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN.

MARY GRACE M. SANTOS teaches courses on housekeeping and front office procedures and has had special training in Micros Opera, Property Management Program and OPERA Sales & Catering programs (Micros Fidelio Philippines). She is the international practicum coordinator and handles cruise ship on-the-job training programs for PWU students. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at PWU where she is currently pursuing her Masters in HRM.

JOSEPHINE M. SOLIMAN teaches most of the management, front office operations, food and beverage control system, human behavior, hospitality industry, facilities, layout and design courses at PWU’s School of Hospitality Management. She has attended various short term certificate courses on topics related to her field and delivered a research paper in Mexico on an alternative Hopia filling. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at PWU and earned an additional 18 units towards a BS in Education major in English. She completed her Master of Management at the Technological University of the Philippines.

MYRNA VILLANUEVA has had 27 years experience in teaching Home Economics and has been recognized as an outstanding teacher in HE. She is certified in bakery and pastry production and is a certified competency assessor for the Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA). She teaches Baking Pastry and Basic Culinary Arts courses at PWU where she is also the faculty coordinator for the Outreach Program. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Education, Home Economics degree from National Teachers College, Manila and is pursuing her Masters in Management from the Technological University of the Philippines.

DR. MA. ERLINDA S. ZACARIAS is experienced in setting up hotel and restaurant management programs and worked for government recognition of HRM programs in two private schools. She was recognized as outstanding values educator by “Pambansang Samahan para sa Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga,” a national organization of values educators. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at La Consolacion College. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Western Philippine Colleges, Batangas City. Dr. Zacarias obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration from Concordia College Manila and a Masters in Religious Education from De la Salle University where she also earned her Doctor of Education major in Religious Education and Values Education. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Business Management major in Hospitality Management degree at PWU.

• Francis Alvin Rosalda
• Herminia V. Rosauro